Daily 5 In Our 5th Grade Classroom

The Daily 5 is a literacy program as well as a classroom management program that I have started using In January 2010. It is used for a Literacy block for two hours every day and includes reading writing and content. I am also able to incorporate guided reading groups three days a week as well as dily technology integration.

Daily Five

Components of the Daily 5

Read to Self: Students have created personal book bins out of cereal boxes where they keep their I-PICK books. Their book bins are all located on a bookshelf in the class library.

Read to Someone Else: This can take on various forms. Some include: Students take turns reading one book, read different books and check for understanding, take turns reading the same paragraph to work on fluency. They read in EEKK form (Elbow elbow knee knee)

Word Work: (Spelling and Grammar) In our class under the book bins we have any weekly grammar sheets or activities that students work on. There are also two crates that hold the students spelling workbooks and Handwriting workbooks. At Caroline Elementary we use Handwriting Without Tears for cursive handwriting and in the Grade 5 book their is also grammar that accompanies this. Every Tuesday the Grammar lesson is givin

Work on Writing: We use the Lucy Calkins writing program to shape the mini-lessons as well as incorporate content area writing. Listen to Reading: Students use Raz-Kids to listen to reading. They also listen to books on tape and CD

Student thoughts and Feelings about the Daily 5

"There is a lot of different choices" DB

" We get to choose our own book"

"I have more time to read, reading is fun" JL

"Once you start a book you really can't stop reading it" ES

"We get to be on computers more" AL

"We get to work on writing and type in our stories" TD

" I like it better than what we used to do because we are in groups and if you want to read to someone else you can in your group" BS

"We do more spelling in class" AP

"Cool Names for the stuff like "IPICK" and "EEKK" JL

"I can get farther and finish my reading" XG